Stewart supports Surrey SkyTrain

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart was the first to speak up in support of a proposal to  begin the process of building and funding a SkyTrain from Surrey to Langley when it came to the table of TransLink’s mayor’s council yesterday. On Nov. 5, Surrey city council unanimously passed a resolution to suspend work on light rail... Continue Reading →

Mayor-elect Stewart has plans for Chinatown

Mayor-elect Kennedy Stewart says his campaign promise to establish a food street and farmer's market in Chinatown was a direct result of consultation with the community. The proposal, included in his platform, said when elected he would direct city staff to conduct consultation and start work on a pilot project to establish a "special economic... Continue Reading →

East is east and west is west

The division of Vancouver into east and west is a simple fact. Avenues running the length of the city split into east and west at Ontario street.  But the east west/divide in the city is deeper--it's historic, economic, and political. And nowadays, there's a wealth of merchandise that people can purchase if they want to... Continue Reading →

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