Opinion: Porn is violent toward women

Published in The Langara Voice If we really want to consider the consequences of easily accessible porn, we must consider the content. A recent New York Times Magazine article suggested that pornography is the primary way that adolescents learn about sex.  Studio 58’s The P*rn Project is an attempt to grapple with the consequences of... Continue Reading →

Artists fear future of new South Van studio

Published in The Langara Voice  A new artist-run studio in Marpole is facing an uncertain future as the building’s impending sale is making it difficult to attract enough artists to make ends meet. Ebisu Studios opened in November of last year when its three founders – Michelle Sturley, Linda Kirkness and Billy Hebb – signed... Continue Reading →

The fight for gender equality in the sciences

Published in The Langara Voice Although female students are still the minority in science programs at Langara, the gender gap is slowly narrowing with 65 per cent  of students in biology being women. According to the Langara Institutional Research Department, women made up 38 per cent of students in Langara’s university transfer science programs at... Continue Reading →

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